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I'm an ETO cadet, a paleocon and a turbo nerd. I'm actively looking for sea time from September 2019 until February 2020. I have an active STCW, ENG-1 and ETR certificates. I've tutored classes in electro-tech, fault-finded at least a hundred motors, and delivered a 1,000 volt shock to myself with the megger.

My job is secure.
No one else wants it.

Have a look at some of my ongoing and completed projects below.

Kowhai Computers, Ltd

The Gold standard for your Golden years.

Registered in 2018, Kowhai Computers went about incorporating the odd jobs I'd been doing around the township of Warkworth for over a decade into a single, living entity. Our mission statement is to deliver simple, convenient assistance for any I.T. related issues, with a heavy focus on Windows and Mac operating systems.

The Maritime DB

A veritable ocean of knowledge

In 2019, along with the help of industry veterans, I set out to create a resource for the Maritime industry, especially for students studying Maritime.. While some articles are released for the public, specific information is limited to individuals who are either students, or paid members. Membership costs $20.00 NZD per year, and also provides an email address @maritime.org.nz. Although the site is still in its early stages, we aim to make the MaritimeDB the crowning jewel of Maritime resources.

Class Work

An Oxymoron? Not this time.

Here you can find all of my assignments and a handful of assorted projects that I've completed or contributed to during my time at the New Zealand Maritime School.

I'd love to put these in the public domain, unfortunately, they reference several copyrighted works. Tough bits, man.

Module Assignments

(942.466) Safe Use of Electrical Equipment

(942.467) Electrical Maintenance and Repair Procedures

Star-Delta Starter Motor

Norwegian Epic Distribution Single Line Diagram

(942.468) Monitoring and operation of Shipboard electrical systems and machinery

(942.465) Shipboard Maintenace and Repair Procedures - Electrotech

(942.469) Electrical and Electronic Measuring Equipment, Basic Electrical Fault Finding(ongoing)

80% Done for Year One

Public Domain Photography

No, not voyeurism. Generosity.

Since 2016, I've been (occasionally) contributing my personal photography to the public domain via a the photo-sharing service Pixabay. Every photo that I've released can be found on my personal account on Pixabay. Here are a few that I've selected to be displayed here:

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